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Grape Taper Candle

Made in Italy, famous for its joyous meals and celebrations, these unscented candles set a warm mood. Their leaves and fruits are gilded and painted by hand. 10"H. Burns 6 hrs each.

Fresh Air Pillar

This exceptionally long-burning pillar doesn't just mask odors, it eliminates them, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean. A must have in the kitchen for the upcoming holiday cooking season!

Pound Cake Scented Pillar Candle

Our new Pound Cake Scented Candles have a warm, freshly baked scent with hints of vanilla and butter. Our 100% cotton wicks create a smoke-free, long burning flame. Quite simply—the best!

Pomegranate Scented Pillar Candle

Fresh handmade candles. Pomegranate is mild and fruity. A consistent favorite! Exceptional color, a dripless burn and evocative scents distinguish these exceptional candles. Artisans pour each one by hand from the purest paraffin wax, using a special technique to create the dramatic, mottled surface. These are some of our most popular candles— light one and you'll understand why.

Large Fresh Air Jar Candle

Clear the air with our exclusive blend of citrus and light breeze scents, the perfect antidote to cooking, parties and mustiness. As the candle burns, it literally neutralizes odors and replaces them with fresh air, so it's perfect for kitchen, bath and party areas, and for refreshing the house after a vacation. Housed in a lidded frosted glass jar.

Fall Hurricane Centerpiece

A lush, layered centerpiece for the dining table, sideboard or coffee table. Includes 1 Glass Hurricane (15" h x 6 1/2" d), 1 metal Pillar Holder, 1 large Pillar Plate, 1 small Pillar Plate, one 3" x 3 1/2" Chardonnay Pillar, 1 box of Grape Leaves and 1 set of Grape Clusters.

Chandelier Bouquet

NEW... Handmade craftsmanship in distinctive home lighting. Elegant and earthy, this bronze-finished brass chandelier features new teardrop shaped votive cups and bowl. Includes 6 glass votive cups. Vase is 9 1/2"H x 8"D.Designed exclusively for Illuminations. The Chandlier Bouquet (sold separately) includes 2 large Sonoma Grape Spray Stems, 3 small Gold Mum Stems, and 3 small Orange Mum Stems.

Peony Votive Holder Gift Set

A lovely variation of one of our most popular gifts, a garden of small peony buds afixed to a Glass Votive Cup, surrounds a Cranberry Orange Votive Candle. Adorn an entry table or a bathroom vanity with this pretty piece or line a mantle with a number of them.