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Home decor

French Mirror/Photo Frame French Mirror/Photo Frame

This uniquely designed mirror can also be used as a photo frame. Made of pewter with light blue enameled floral design. The raised flowers make this piece an extraordinary work of art. Designed by a French artist. Imported from France.

Gala Rose Double Photo Frame Gala Rose Double Photo Frame

For memories that come in pairs, this lovely frame is a perfect fit! Decorated with pink roses and white daisies, frame is sculpted from crushed marble and carefully hand-painted with the finest watercolors.

Pink Camellia Photo Frame Pink Camellia Photo Frame

This frame is uniquely sculpted from crushed marble and adorned with beautiful hand-painted camellias sure to liven up any room. Showcase someone special in this befittingly elegant frame or impress a friend with it as a gift. Imported from England.

Russian Porcelain Butter Dish Russian Porcelain Butter Dish

An original porcelain butter dish with lid from Russia. Exquisite design and subtle floral paintings applied all around. Exquisite edging with an adorable figurine at the top. Excellent gift for porcelain lovers. A colorful table piece.

Violet Glass Flower Vase Violet Glass Flower Vase

The most delicate hand-painted violet flowers and leaves adorn this flower vase. Designed by English artists, the glass vase is a lovely container for wildflowers as well as a beautiful adornment on its own. Imported from England.

Czech Bohemian Glass Orange Vase Czech Bohemian Glass Orange Vase

This full size orange vase with gold design is a perfect piece for your bouquet of flowers. Made of Bohemian glass imported from the Czech Republic. A perfect gift for any occasion.

Fuchsia Vase from England Fuchsia Vase from England

This elegant vase made of delicately frosted glass serves as a canvas for an intricately painted floral design. This object dart with its glowing colors will certainly be a prized addition to your fine collectibles. Imported from England.

Cased Crystal Vase Cased Crystal Vase

Cased Bohemian lead crystal vase from Ceasar, Czech Republic. 24 prob. Unusual and very exclusive Diadem design. Red and gold coloring lends a subtle look to this very attractive crystal vase.

Dragonfly Vase from England Dragonfly Vase from England

Inspired by natures beauty, this hand-painted vase made of frosted glass serves as a canvas for a beautiful design of fluttering dragonflies. With its distinctive design and fine artistry, it is sure to be a conversation piece at any gathering.