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Spa Towels
Bring the pampering of the spa home with these extra thick, plush and soft Egyptian cotton towels. These are the thickest towels we have at 700 grams. Made of the finest Egyptian cotton yarns and spun into the longest staple, this is one of the finest towels in the world. Available in classic white. Made in England by Chortex.

Arcadian Cotton/Modal Towel
Softer and more absorbent than pure cotton towels, the Arcadian towel collection is made from a unique blend of 80% cotton and 20% modal. Even after repeated washings, the softness and natural colors will be retained. A plush 600 gram weight (refers to grams per square meter). Available in a 6 color palate. Made in England. Colors shown, from top (left to right): natural, petal, white, icicle, mushroom and spring. Quantities are limited.

Rhapsody Royale Egyptian Cotton
These extra soft, fluffy 100% Egyptian cotton towels are made from the finest quality long staple Egyptian cotton and have more loops than the average towel, creating a dense and thirsty towel. A plush 660 gram weight towel (refers to grams per square meter). The more you wash and dry these towels, the fluffier they'll become. Offered in a palette of six beautiful colors. Made in England.

100% merino wool, this blanket is the kind that will be handed down from generation to generation in your family. Designed to retain its original warmth, beauty and ruggedness indefinitely. Dry clean or hand wash in cold and line dry. This style has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Prices reflect 25% markdown: twin $67.50 and full/queen $90!! Regular prices are: twin $90, full/queen $120. QUANTITIES ARE EXREMELY LIMITED - PLEASE CALL!

For Your Home and Your Soul

Bring the glorious colors of nature at the beach indoors. This striped throw in rose, orange and yellow is like a dazzling sunset that you can watch anytime of day. Its warm hues and soft texture will keep you cozy after an energizing day of fun or a long day at work. The serene blue and green striped throw recalls the crispness of foliage and the beauty of the sea. Let its cool colors help you relax and refresh as you plan your next adventure. Can't decide? For a full spectrum of beauty, why not choose one of each? 85% cotton. Machine wash warm, hang dry. Do not dry clean.
SALE -- WAS $59.00 NOW $39.00